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    The Pregnancy Crisis Center of Wichita, Kansas lies about the risks of abortion. Abortion is not shown to affect infertility unless there are complications, of which there is a 0.05% chance of needing hospitalization.

    Abortion also has no correlation with mental health risks unless the patient is already at risk due to other factors in their life, like trauma, abuse and coercion, infertility, existing mental illness, and a lack of social support caused by the stigma of abortion.

    Finally, PCC neglects to inform you that tubal, or ectopic pregnancies, are treated with a medication abortion using methotrexate, a slightly different method than regular medication abortions.

    Holy shit, they are literally telling people that the only solution to ectopic pregnancy that doesn’t result in maternal and fetal death doesn’t work. I’m sorry but that should be illegal. Manslaughter by negligence at least.

    Yup. That’s super irresponsible and possibly deadly.

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Sixties girl group The Paris Sisters 


    Sixties girl group The Paris Sisters 

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    Vini Reilly, by the way, is waaay overdue a revival… you might want to think about a greatest hits. 

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  8. Give me head until I’m dead

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  12. I’ll be waiting for you. 

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  14. Seems legit.

    Seems legit.